QSL envisions that its mission be conducted within a sustainable development approach governed with the greatest respect for health and safety, marine security, and the environment (HSSE). These founding principles are a priority and are conveyed through each of our core values.



Thanks to the men and women of our organization, we have forged ourselves an important place in our industry. At QSL, protecting these men and women is our most important value.

We have implemented an Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) management system that allows us to better structure the actions of our managers and employees as well as standardize work processes, thereby continuously improving health and safety at all levels of our organization.

Continuous improvement in all our processes as well as dedicating energy and resources for the development of our expertise in health and safety is the future of our company.


As QSL is an integral link of the logistic service chain in North America, maritime security is at the heart of all our activities. Since the onset of the Maritime Occupational Health and Safety Regulations in 2004, our entire network has implemented the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS CODE).

Through the upholding of recognized security measures, QSL continuously contributes in maintaining efficiency in marine transportation. Protecting the people and cargo transiting on our terminals as well as helping prevent illegal activities and terrorism is mandatory. QSL employee participation and collaboration with governing authority is conducted in total transparency thereby contributing to the security of our ports and the neighbouring communities they operate in.


It is paramount that maritime operations be conducted while minimizing their environmental impact.

QSL’s environmental management system is governed by four key factors:

- Foresight, including in-depth and clear policies;
- Efficiency, ensuring that all policies translate into tangible actions;
- Authority, insuring full respect of the system by all;
- Continuity, demonstrating a continuous improvement process.

This environmental management system is integrated to QSL’s daily operations and is of everyone’s concern throughout the company.


Port facilities are often located near urban centers and as we know, great rivers like the St. Lawrence attract the local community. We, at QSL, promote harmonious coexistence with our neighbours and recognize the importance of social acceptability. Regular consultation and information sessions for the citizens allow for constructive exchanges to mitigate impact on the community living within proximity to port installations. Additionally, through constant communication and a rigorous monitoring of operations, QSL continuously adjusts its processes for the benefit of neighbouring populations.


QSL, as a responsible member of the community, recognizes the importance of commitment by participating both financially and through the implication of our employees in causes that correspond to our values and by sharing the economic benefits we generate.


We favour a human approach which allows us to support active organizations on many fronts, including but not limited to, culture, sports and physical activities, health, youth and the less privileged. We find the supported organizations contribute to better our society and promote a higher quality of life for all.



The presence of port facilities is an important asset to any region. The economic benefits to contractors and citizens remain crucial to a social and economic stability. QSL is actively engaged in its social environment by the presence of our management members in regional, provincial, national and international organizations, always striving for the development of the maritime industry.