Our Information Technology experts developed a program called TrackingCargo, which optimize the management of stored merchandise by permitting our clients and partners to have access to their inventory in transit throughout our network. 

Breakbulk and steel cargoes can be followed in real time via a secured Internet access.


The Virtual Terminal is another innovation developed by our IT department. This software enables an efficient management of the products in storage or to be stored through the simulation of probabilities, the forecast of diverse scenarios and the sharing of information with the implicated agents, maritime personnel and clients.

REAC application

REAC, short for REport and ACtivities, is an application where both “Virtual Terminal” and “Statement of Operations” can be accessed for immediate usage. Supervisors can upload via their Android Smartphones in real-time the recordings of their toolbox meetings, pictures and videos of cargoes and events, as well as enabling the production of live reports while on the job site.