Our heritage

Quebec City and its ever-growing port emerged from the maritime commerce engaged on the St-Lawrence River and continue to offer an open door to European markets. It was a natural and pleasing experience for Denis Dupuis, president and founder of QSL, to see his headquarters evolve in this wonderful environment.

“I share my passion with the people of Quebec City. What is to understand is that we made a deliberate choice to have our headquarters in this city, still in 2015. As our activities diversified through the years, having our main offices in another city sometimes makes sense… but I love Quebec City and I intend to stay for as long as I can ensure the development and prosperity of my company.”

Maritime heritage is easily noticeable in Quebec City and working on the docks is a way of life for many of its habitants. Mr. Dupuis started on the docks himself, working as a shipping clerk next to the remarkable labour that warrants the handling of the cargoes on the docks: the longshoremen.

"I founded Quebec Stevedoring over 40 years ago. Born in the St-Sauveur borough, my family moved to Limoilou when I was 2 years old. Out of a very humble environment, my career started almost without any means. In fact, I was able to go forward with my business because my mom entrusted me with a 10,000$ loan, which she ultimately refuse for me to payback.”

A clear vision of the future played a capital role in the company’s development. Mr. Dupuis’ audacity, his passion and his invulnerable determination led to loyal partnerships and to a worldwide reputation of offering industry-leading stevedoring services. 

Continuous hard and passionate work carried Mr. Dupuis and his team through the decades following the foundation of the company. From a group of people that could be counted on the fingers of one hand has grown an enterprise of 1,300 employees, currently represented in 30 maritime terminals, where over 1,200 vessels are loaded or discharged annually. Actually hosted by 5 Canadian provinces and 2 American states, QSL’s network moves on to conquer the Caribbean.

M. Dupuis

Through its history, QSL has invested and developed in many ways...

Denis Dupuis founded Quebec Stevedoring Co. Ltd. (QSL) and has been the company’s president ever since;

Quebec Stevedoring buys half of Murray Bay Maritime Terminal from the Desgagnés Group, and renames it Quebec Port Terminals. QSL takes over the operations of Bécancour, Gros-Cacouna, Matane, Pointe-Aux-Pics, Grande-Anse, Rimouski and Gaspé, all still active today;

Quebec Stevedoring continues its expansion with the acquisition of St-Lawrence Stevedoring from its owners, the Cast Group;

QSL crosses the Quebec borders when Oshawa Stevedoring is founded in Ontario;

Wanting to go east, New Brunswick is considered and services are settled in Port of Belledune and Eastern Canada Stevedoring is created;

QSL jumps in the steel market and creates Sorel-Tracy Maritime Terminal, certainly one of the busiest steel ports of the St-Lawrence Seaway;

Quebec Port Terminals becomes an important partner for the supply of the northern communities through the operations of its terminal of Côte-Sainte-Catherine;

Foundation of Great Lakes Stevedoring to expand QSL's services through the great Toronto and Lakes area;

Purchasing Desgagnés' shares in TPQ making QSL the only actor of this company;

QSL expands through various entities, notably with North America Stevedoring Company (NASCO), situated at the Iroquois Landing Terminal of the port of Chicago. A multimodal terminal was also built on the facility in collaboration with Canadian National (CN);

A new partnership arises from Newfoundland and Labrador with the creation of Integrated Logistics, well established today in the ports of Argentia and Long Pond;

Two new terminals are added to QSL’s network: Port Weller and Port Colborne. Both are situated in Ontario along the Welland Canal;

Mr. Denis Dupuis adds Northen Stevedoring to QSL subsidiaries to serve, via its Sept-Iles, Port-Cartier, Baie-Comeau and Havre-St-Pierre terminlas, the mining industires of the Côte-Nord;
That same year, Great Lakes Stevedoring stretches its operations to the port of Goderich;

QSL explores Nova Scotia while partnerships are created in two new terminals: Port Hawkesbury and Liverpool;

QSL joins the Ogdensburg Bridge and Port Authority (OBPA), in the state of New York, to provide logistics and marketing services and help the OBPA to develop their facilities.

Photos : Québec Port Authority archives